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Why are LED lights heavier than Metal Halide or Halogen fittings?

To understand why LED lights are heavier than traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide fittings we have to look into the way these sources create their light.  Traditional forms of lighting used one of two standard forms of generating the light – Incandescent or HID. Whilst HID lamps are not regarded as ‘efficient’ […]

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Can I use my existing poles to replace metal halide fittings with LED lighting on a sports field?

The question we often get asked is ‘Can I replace my old metal halide fittings with LED but still use my existing poles?’  Although this question is often asked there is no straight answer, apart from ‘Possibly’.  The attractive idea behind this is that the poles generally cost 20% of the total project value and […]

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5 Ways LED Sport Lighting can Save 70% Off your Power & Maintenance Bill and Generate Income

Replacing halogen and metal halide bulbs and fittings with LED has been the obvious thing to do for the past 15 years.  Well, let’s say 8 years (the promises have been there for 15 but they really haven’t stacked up).   Most of what was said was true – the lamps used less power, required less maintenance […]


Why do LED Lights Fail?

There are a number of basic reasons for LED lights to fail but the primary issue is heat.   Over-heating can be a result of a number of design and assembly issues but is still the cause of the majority of LED lamp failures – both in the fitting themselves and also the drivers. LED Fittings […]

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5 Things to Know when Replacing Metal Halide Lights with LED

The decade-long promise for LED has been ‘longer life and lower running expenses’. Whilst this has proved true in many industries, it certainly is not a given in sport applications.   2kW metal halide fittings have been the industry standard for longer than anyone can remember. Loved by designers for the fantastic light distribution, hated by facilities […]

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What Do I Need to Consider When Upgrading to LED Sport Lighting

There are many factors to consider when choosing the an upgrade for your sporting facility: Be it surfaces or stadium seating, there are a myriad number of options available & sports lighting is no exception. So how does Legacy’s range of LED Sport Lighting measure up when compared to traditional metal halide lights? 1-For-1 Replacement […]

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What is the Return on Investment (ROI) on sports lights?

Ben, an earnest young project manager brings his new idea to the board meeting – replace our ridiculously outdated metal halides for new, singing-and-dancing LED’s.  ‘Everyone is doing it, the whole world is changing to digital LED – it must be the right thing to do!’ Thoroughly researched, he is confident of 100% buy-in from all.  The […]