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5 Ways LED Sport Lighting can Save 70% Off your Power & Maintenance Bill and Generate Income

Replacing halogen and metal halide bulbs and fittings with LED has been the obvious thing to do for the past 15 years.  Well, let’s say 8 years (the promises have been there for 15 but they really haven’t stacked up).   Most of what was said was true – the lamps used less power, required less maintenance […]


Why do LED Lights Fail?

There are a number of basic reasons for LED lights to fail but the primary issue is heat.   Over-heating can be a result of a number of design and assembly issues but is still the cause of the majority of LED lamp failures – both in the fitting themselves and also the drivers. LED Fittings […]

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5 Things to Know when Replacing Metal Halide Lights with LED

The decade-long promise for LED has been ‘longer life and lower running expenses’. Whilst this has proved true in many industries, it certainly is not a given in sport applications.   2kW metal halide fittings have been the industry standard for longer than anyone can remember. Loved by designers for the fantastic light distribution, hated by facilities […]

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What Do I Need to Consider When Upgrading to LED Sport Lighting

There are many factors to consider when choosing the an upgrade for your sporting facility: Be it surfaces or stadium seating, there are a myriad number of options available & sports lighting is no exception. So how does Legacy’s range of LED Sport Lighting measure up when compared to traditional metal halide lights? 1-For-1 Replacement […]

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What is the Return on Investment (ROI) on sports lights?

Ben, an earnest young project manager brings his new idea to the board meeting – replace our ridiculously outdated metal halides for new, singing-and-dancing LED’s.  ‘Everyone is doing it, the whole world is changing to digital LED – it must be the right thing to do!’ Thoroughly researched, he is confident of 100% buy-in from all.  The […]