LED Lighting Installation
Cost Calculator

Are you looking to move to the benefits of digital lighting? Have you assessed whether digital lighting will do what you want or expect?

Clubs have been using HID and MH lighting for decades. Whilst these fittings are relatively inexpensive to purchase, the energy and maintenance costs in the long term, along with rapid deterioration of the lamps, makes the ‘life-cost’ not quite so attractive as it seems.

A quick look at the cost estimator will give you an idea of the outlay involved based on your type of sport to bring your club up to speed with digital lighting and all the benefits that go with it.

Instant On
Superior Design
90% Less Maintenance
Up to 65% Power Saving
Remote Control System
Remote control app for LED lightingAustralian Made

Cost Calculation & Custom Design Service

Legacy provides a unique design service for clubs looking to replace their existing light fittings with LED. Simply upload a plan view of the area you are needing to be illuminated, and tell us the lux levels you require in the form below and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours with a free lighting design!

1-for-1 Replacement
On Your Existing Halide Lighting

We would always recommend having your lighting design done professionally to ensure you are getting optimum performance.

If you are looking to replace existing fittings and don’t know any designers, Legacy provides this service for FREE! Simply send us a plan view of the area you need illuminated and tell us the lux levels you require and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tomkins Park Melville LED lights.

Free LED Lighting Design Service
Send Us Your Plans

Simply send us a diagram of the layout of your facility, ensuring the pole position and heights are clearly marked.

For practise grounds or local clubs who are looking to swap out 2kW metal halide fitting 1-for-1 a design may not be required. The light output, weight and size has been optimised so as to be a direct replacement for 2kW Metal Halide fittings using existing poles.

Measure Your Lux Levels Using the Lux Meter App for iOS & Android

Rough guidelines are provided for your convenience and if you need to check lux levels at your facility using either Lux Light Meter Pro for iOS or Lux Meter (Light Meter) app for android will give you a good approximation of where you’re operating at the moment.

Remember, if you have metal halide fittings, the output drops by 20% within the first 100 hours so you may not be generating the light output you thought, even though you are using the same energy.
Invictus LED light