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Australian LED Lighting Manufacturer

Legacy Lighting is an Australian lighting manufacturer based in Swan Hill, Victoria servicing large area flood lighting projects right across Australia.
Locally Owned & Made
Australian Manufacture
Cost Effective
Energy Efficient
Durable LED Lighting
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Invictus Gen II LED Light

Legacy Lighting Pty Ltd Established in 2017

Legacy Lighting was born in 2017 by an experienced team who have been manufacturing LED lighting for 4WD and mining vehicles for 10 years.

We saw a market need for high-quality Australian Made LED floodlighting and put to work our experience in led luminaire design and manufacturing to develop a product range perfectly suited to Australian conditions.
Legacy Lighting

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Energy & Cost Savings

Through our design principles of simplicity, functionality and effectiveness, we have made LED flood lights not only more cost effective but also more efficient and durable. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and that’s why delivering energy savings to lighting projects is our focus.
LED lights at tennis courts
Qualified electrical technician installing new LED lights at sporting grounds.

Lightweight & Durable
Unmatched Performance

Legacy Lighting specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality LED flood lighting solutions for large area lighting applications. We’ve tailor made the Invictus Series for the sport lighting market, and the result is a lightweight luminaire with unmatched definition, uniformity and performance. Built with the latest technology LEDs and design and manufactured here in Australia, we Define the Moment on every project. We offer the complete sport lighting package with custom lighting designs to meet the needs of your club.
Invictus Gen II LED Light

Our Legacy
Defining the Moment

For as long as records have been around, legends have been immortalised by defining moments in sport.

In previous centuries these were painted, drawn and saved in various ways for the enjoyment of future generations. In recent years these moments have been captured by high resolution cameras, enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Over this time much effort has gone into development of the cameras with huge advances in resolution and performance. However, the lighting, an essential component of photography, has been remarkably static.

Replacing Old Technology
Metal Halide Lamps

Metal Halide lamps have dominated this space for years with no real challenge – even though the technology was old and outdated. Even LED lighting, now available for over a decade, has never seriously impacted the high powered sports market.

The reasons have been simple – for high powered applications more kW of LED energy were needed to compare with MH and they gave inferior lighting performance (CRI), particularly for high speed cameras and video.
LED lights at soccer fields.

The Future of Lighting
LED Solid State Reliability

Utilising the best of the latest available technologies, Legacy’s approach has been 4-dimensional in order to combine the benefits of high CRI (definition), high efficiency (lumens/watt), tight beam control (reduced stray light) and high light output, plus the given benefit of LED’s solid state reliability.

The result is a luminaire that out-performs traditional lighting in every aspect, giving exceptional results for players, audiences and, most importantly, for future generations.

Why Choose Legacy Lighting

We understand the importance of meeting the Australian Lighting Standards while achieving energy efficiency and optimum performance. Our in-house engineers look at every project individually to meet your budget, while reducing energy consumption and giving you enhanced light control. Our project managers can assist with applying for government grants and lodging council permits, to simplify your lighting project and take your facilities to thenext level.
Bowl Australia professional lawn bowler

Australian Owned Company

Locally owned and controlled LED lighting manufacturer based in Victoria, Australia.
LED light poles

Over 10 Years of Innovation

Latest technology and innovation in LED flood lighting for energy efficiency and cost savings.
LED lights at tennis courts

More Durable by Design

People choose Legacy Lighting because the LED design and build quality is second to none.

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