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Looking for Australian Standards Information for your sport? Get the sport field lighting compliance requirements for a range of sporting disciplines here. Click on a sporting option below to see the information.
Instant On
Superior Design
90% Less Maintenance
Up to 65% Power Saving
Remote Control System
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What Makes LED Lighting the Best Option For Sporting Fields & Stadiums?

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Instant On

With LED lighting there is no  arm up period or delay once turned off. They are instantly operating at full power.
LED light poles

Superior Definition

LEDs require less wattage to power than metal halide or  HPS lights and can be dimmed allowing for maximum saving on your  power bills.
LED lights at tennis courts

90% Less Maintenance

LED require no maintenance for 50,000 hours. Metal halides require globe  replacements every 18-24 months.
LED lights in car park

Up to 65% Power Saving

LEDs are available up to 90 CRI which provides clarity and definition. In comparison metal halides depricate within the first 300 hours and so does the quality of light.

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