Corporate Partnerships

Australia's peak sporting bodies rely on Legacy Lighting to deliver the highest quality LED stadium lighting.

If your sporting code needs a reliable, high-quality and affordable LED lighting solution you can trust Legacy Lighting to deliver a world-class standard of LED lighting, designed to your specification.
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Superior Design
90% Less Maintenance
Up to 65% Power Saving
Remote Control System
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Invictus Gen II LED Light

What Makes Legacy Lighting
The Best Choice in LED Lighting

Legacy Lighting's "The Invictus Series" has almost every stadium lighting application covered. Our Australian deisgned and manufactured LED lighting systems save power while giving you greater control over your lighting systems, which is why Bowls Australia have partnered with Legacy Lighting as part of a brighter future for all players and spectators alike.

The Legacy Project Cycle

Legacy project cycle with 4 steps: audit, design, manufacture, supply and install.


We will conduct a full assessment of your current lighting, to understand your future requirements and then  make a recommendation based on this information.


Our in-house design team will do a design that not only meets the Australian Standards for the sport and obtrusive light, but is also as efficient as possible.


The Legacy Asymmetric Series are made in Australia, allowing us full control over every process.


The lights are then installed by a certified electrician. On completion, we conduct a lighting audit to ensure we deliver what we promise.

Become a Legacy Lighting Partner

Legacy Lighting partners can enjoy a range of benefits above and beyond our standard service levels.
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Competitive Pricing

Your commitment to Legacy Lighting means we can give you the best deals on LED lighting installation and maintenance.
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Priority Support

We understand the importance of reliable LED lighting at your next big event, which is why our partners have access to priority customer support.
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Priority Service

Our service technicians are available to ensure your LED lighting vividly defines every moment of the event. Get in touch to learn more.

Does your sporting code need better LED lighting?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements so we can propose a sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective LED lighting solution for your sporting facilities.
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