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As a lighting professional you are already aware of the benefits of solid-state lighting. However, previous experience with LEDs for large field applications may have led you to the conclusion that clients are having to pay highly for the privilege of going digital, with long pay-back periods and sometimes worse efficiencies than traditional metal halide.

The design of the light pattern of the Legacy units has been based on that type of a 2kW MH fitting, offering a 1-for-1 replacement in most lighting designs with significant power consumption improvement.
Instant On
Superior Design
90% Less Maintenance
Up to 65% Power Saving
Remote Control System
Remote control app for LED lighting Australian Made
Invictus Gen II LED Light

Legacy Lighting Product Highlight

Another issue for professional designers has been the lack of CRI options, particularly above 80. Legacy is all about definition, ensuring the primary focus for design started with CRI. Options of 70+, 80+, and 90+ have therefore been available from inception, guaranteeing that whatever level of play you are catering for, Legacy will be able to provide the CRI you need to exceed player and spectator expectations.
Legacy Lighting

No-Risk Lighting Design Services

Working on a project and needing pricing protection? Many designers spend hours on designs and layouts only to have the projects taken off them by discounters. Log your project with us and we will lock in a design discount to ensure you get the full value of your work by not being undersold.
Tomkins Park Melville LED lights.

Request Access to IES Files for Proprietary Designs

In order to facilitate integration into lighting systems, IES files are available. To request your IES, head over to our online contact form.

Legacy Lighting Custom Design Service

Legacy provides a unique design service for clubs looking to replace their existing light fittings with LED. Simply upload a plan view of the area you are needing illuminated, and tell us the lux levels you require in the form below and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours with a free lighting design! Don’t know the Lux Level you’ll require for your site?

You can measure the lux of your existing lights using either Lux Light Meter Pro for iOS or Lux Meter (Light Meter) app for Android. Use the reading as a guide to replace your lights like-for-like or improve the current lighting level at your facility.

LED lighting at football field.

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