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The Legacy Series has almost every outdoor flood lighting application covered! All while saving power and giving you control over your lighting systems.
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Assessment of Your Existing Lighting

Every new sport lighting project begins with an assessment of the current infrastructure. It is important to understand what the current lux levels are, to determine how they can be improved.

Legacy Lighting can help install new lighting on existing poles and infrastructure, but it requires extensive assessments to ensure they can sustain the weight and sail area of the new lights. Most new LED lights are heavier than metal halides, and adding extra weight to the poles without checking the original design capability can cause pole failure.

Legacy Lighting recommends an on-site inspection prior to quoting for a new installation. This can be done using a lux meter and completing our Lighting Audit Form. This will give us all the information we require to conduct an LED lighting design.
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Recommendations For Compliance

Once the form has been submitted our engineers will do a lighting layout based your required lighting levels (lux), pole positions, budget and power restrictions.

Many factors have to be taken into account to ensure the lighting design complies with the Australian Standards, but also meets council requirements to prevent light spilling into neighbouring properties.

Legacy Lightings designers work with you to achieve a balance of all these factors to make sure you have a system that is specific to your requirements and is guaranteed to comply with the law.

This initial layout includes basic recommendations for pole heights (if changing poles), luminaire type and quantity, expected lux levels, power consumption and aerial view of lighting levels. This service is provided free of charge.

Should you decide to go ahead with the project, a more detailed plan is done and includes detailed electrical plans and proof of conformity to council requirements.
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Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Lights, Poles & Services

Legacy Lighting is able to provide any of the services required for effective upgrade or new installation of LED lighting. Typical services include supply, installation and commissioning of poles, lighting, and control systems.

Should you choose Legacy for a complete installation, the whole scope of works is guaranteed to perform as expected. Soil types, wind factors, lighting requirements, glare requirements, controls and overall performance are all factored in to ensure you have a system that is designed specifically for you. Depending on the purchasing process some of our clients want a turn-key supply and installation, others only require supply. In these cases we will liaise with your chosen installer in whatever capacity required.

To perform due diligence before taking on a contractor, we would suggest downloading our pdf questionnaire which covers some of the key points and ensures you are getting a professional who won’t let you down. Even if Legacy is not required to install the fittings, we would always recommend using our free design service prior to ordering luminaires.

The performance of any lights purchased and installed without our designers recommendation and approval cannot be guaranteed. Legacy luminaires are used worldwide and we can deliver to any location. Poles and installation services depend on the location of the installation and should be discussed with our team prior to making firm commitments.
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Maintenance & Upgrade Contracts

Many clients are looking for long-term peace-of-mind.

Legacy offers a number of service contract options where all maintenance, servicing and extended warranties are dealt with by our team.

This ensures you don’t have to worry about your lights again.

Additionally, as all drivers used are dimmable, various options are available for upgrading to smarter control systems as they become available or as budgets permit.

Please note that although Legacy luminaires are supplied worldwide, maintenance contracts are country and state specific and may not necessarily be available.

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